St. Matthews Primary School

                                        Sparrows become Eagles

   About Us 

St. Matthews Primary School was founded by Maria Thompson in 1994 with only a handful of students.  Since then, the school as continued to grow at a steady pace each year. 


St Matthews Primary is a co-educational Private School (Grade R to 7)  and is situated in Aston  Manor, Kempton Park.


The school provides a  diverse educational experience for our learners.  We are committed to providing education  using a

curriculum which will prepare our learners  for High school.    


St. Matthews Primary School motto is "Sparrows become Eagles."  We therefore encourage our learners to believe in themselves so that they can discover and reach their potential.  Well equipped, our learners learn

that they can soar as high as they want and that the sky is their limit!  



E. Matlala